Sword Art Online fone Experience Aincrad on your smartphone.

The Official Sword Art Online fone To Be Released for Free This Spring!  * In-App purchases also available. NOW is your only chance! [To Pre-Register] GET a special item you can use in the Full Version! Register by simply sending an email player@saomail.anifone.com

The Sword Art Online fone uses 'fone' technology, a smartphone interface that allows complete customization, to install the world of Aincrad onto your smartphone. Friends and comrades you meet in the virtual reality level up through your daily smartphone usage. The key to logging out of Aincrad lies in your hands!

  • Fight bosses in the Battle Mode!
  • Special Asuna outfits exclusively viewable here!
  • A large collection of original voice samples!
  • Welcome to the Sword Art Online fone!
  • First, choose a character and form a guild on the home screen!
  • The more you use your smartphone, the more your guild members level up!
  • Level up your guild members and get to the next floor!
  • More characters join you as you ascend to different floors!
  • Wallpapers and guild members' outfits change to fit the floors accordingly!
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* Please note that Sword Art Online fone is currently only available for Android mobile devices, and is not compatible with the iPhone or other mobile devices.
* The release date is only an estimate.
* Further content addition and updates are being planned.
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* iPhone is a trademark of Apple, Inc.
* foneclay and the foneclay logo are trademarks of Foneclay, Inc.
* As this is currently under development, the final design may differ from what has been previously announced.
* We cannot guarantee the performance of the Sword Art Online fone on devices without the recommended specifications. We apologize for any inconveniences.